The Story of A6

A center for printmaking and book arts, A6 cultivates art appreciation, enhances learning through art, and expands creative expression.

Pat Clark, a master printmaker and experienced educator, founded Atelier 6000 in 2007. Central Oregon’s only publicly-accessible printmaking and book arts studio, Atelier 6000 was modeled after the traditional French atelier, or working studio. A6 (as we’ve come to be known) engages artists, teachers, students, and the greater community with workshops, art talks, critiques, and exhibits. Our mission is educational, and includes both art instruction and art appreciation of printmaking and book arts.

In 2011, A6 became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2014, A6 expanded its efforts to promote printmaking and book arts as vital art forms to area youth and educators through two new educational outreach programs—Tumbleweed Press and Students to A6. The A6 Gallery presents monthly exhibits featuring the work of A6 Artist Members, Central Oregon artists, and prominent regional and national artists. Additionally, A6 brings the community one major educational exhibit each year. In 2014, A6 presented original prints by M.C. Escher, and in 2015 A6 featured original vintage photogravure prints by Edward Curtis.

A6 continues to be the creative home for a variety of artists—both beginning and mature. The print studio continues to grow and evolve. Currently, the studio houses two large etching presses and two clamshell presses for letterpress work.

A6 still celebrates the time-honored techniques of printmaking and book arts while exploring contemporary processes and bridges to other mediums. Informing all our work is an appreciation for the handmade.