Session 1 (Home School)
Mon, Jan 15-Feb 12, 10-12:30 pm

Session 2 (After School)
Wed, Jan 17-Feb 14, 2:30-5 pm

Rembrandt! Vermeer! Caravaggio! Great artists comes alive in our new Art Immersion program led by Dawn Boone.

Our first series explores one of history’s most dramatic periods of art: the Baroque. Each week, we’ll focus on a different artist, exploring his or her language of color, composition, mood, and symbolism—and learn why these works were created. Then we’ll head into the A6 Print Studio to discover how these artists worked! We’ll explore techniques used by each master, from chiaroscuro to the camera obscura. Fresh with inspiration, kids will have extended studio time to create their own work.

For ages 10 and up.
5 weeks. $100 (includes all supplies)

Register early! Call 541.330.8759.