Printmaker, Collage Artist

Beale began her art career as a portrait artist in California. She moved to Bend in 2004 and at that time found the beauty of handmade papers which pulled her into the art of collage. She considers herself primarily a printmaker and still works into some of her monoprints with handmade paper.

When Pat Clarke opened the doors to A6, Pat became Beale’s teacher and mentor and Beale fell in love with the process of printmaking. There is no other form of art that expresses her artistic complexity.

Beale’s process is intuitive. At times there is a plan for her work as in her bicycle series. The bikes are built out of heavy mat board which becomes the matrix for her collagraph monoprints. The bike relates to the freedom she felt as a child — a tool to escape, discover and explore.

Some of her art has many layers which conveys her attempt to keep parts of herself hidden in the layering, wanting the viewer to see the depth and the unrevealed, making the art more interesting. She wants the viewer to find something in her art that is mysterious. She creates texture in some of her art using different mediums. A6 is her second home, she enjoys the A6 family of artists and the willingness of all the artists to share and teach.

Beale has sold her art in galleries in Central Oregon and California.