Beautiful Math

Beautiful Math Exhibit A6
Beautiful Math Art Exhibit A6

Art Talk

Friday, March 13, 6 pm

Students to A6 Program

Central Oregon math, computer science and engineering classes are invited to tour the exhibit as part of A6’s educational outreach program, Students to A6. Teachers should contact Julie Winter, A6 Studio & Gallery Director, at 541.330.8759 for more information.

Beautiful Math

Work by Barbara Hudin

Mar 6-29, 2015

A6 opens “Beautiful Math,” a solo exhibit of original prints by local artist Barbara Hudin, on Friday, March 6, 2015. Inspired by some of the greatest mathematical theorems (both solved and unsolved), Hudin’s work will be on display through March 28. Hudin will discuss her work in a free Art Talk on Friday, March 13 at 6 pm at A6.

Many mathematicians view math as a creative endeavor, akin to writing poetry or composing music. An elegant equation or intricate theorem has its own artistry—a “mathematical beauty.” Local artist Barbara Hudin takes this notion a step further, creating beautiful images with code.

A mathematics major and computer programmer “in a former life,” Hudin became a full-time artist in the 1990’s. It was not until 2011, when she began toying with Processing code (an offshoot of Java code), that she found an intriguing way to incorporate math into her art. By writing algorithms—some deceptively simple, others pages long—Hudin began creating visual manifestations of mathematical theorems. Her images, utilizing “Perlin Noise,” “The Super Formula,” “Lorenz Equations,” and “The Navier Stokes Equation” are illuminating. Hudin confesses, “The Mandelbrot equation continues to amaze and fascinate me as it manifests itself as the Buddha.”

The result of this pursuit is Hudin’s solo exhibit at A6, “Beautiful Math.” Says Hudin, “This show combines my passion for art and my love of mathematics and code writing.”

Because Hudin uses computer algorithms to generate visual elements, her work is referred to as “generative art.” Ultimately, Hudin’s hand anchors these ethereal and cerebral images in the realm of fine art. An experienced printmaker and long-time member of A6, Hudin combines multiple processes—such as saline sulfate etching and photo-sensitive polymer—to capture and transform her computer-generated imagery into plates that she can embellish, alter and then ink and print by hand.