Sat, August 11, 9-5 pm

Letterpress printing is more than just setting lead type by hand. With the resurgence of letterpress printing in the 1980s came dry offset polymer plates. These plates are often processed by an engraving company using digital files (vector) of design, layout and typography submitted to them by the letterpress printer; rendering them ready for printing. In this class with letterpress instructor, Sam Olson, you will create your own layouts for printing a small edition of prints from her collection of polymer plates. The class will cover a brief history of letterpress printing and where it is now. You will learn about the set up, locking up, inking, make-ready, printing, color registration, the tools, the printing presses and clean up and maintenance.

$120 ($96 A6 Member), $20 supply fee

Call 541.330.8759 to register.