Cody Wade

Meet Mixed-Media Artist Cody Wade We chatted with Cody during his January 2019 Featured A6 Artist exhibit titled Phenomenology. Read on to learn about this n... READ MORE

Lynn Woodward

Printmaker / Designer / Photographer Lynn Woodward's degrees are in Biology and Computer Graphics, but she's been a photographer all her life. She's worked fix... READ MORE

Julie Winter

Printmaker / Teacher Julie Winter is a printmaker, educator and graduate student in Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art (2018). Julie has served... READ MORE

Abney Wallace

Printmaker / Sculptor / Assemblist Abney Wallace works primarily in linocut and woodcut, two forms of relief printing. Wallace carves away the “whites” of... READ MORE

Dillon Upp

Traditional printmaking / Mixed-media / Photography / Writing "The imagery I create comes directly from my immediate environment. I use rudimentary photography... READ MORE

Robin Thomas

Printmaker / Painter Raised in a Bohemian-style household, Thomas was fully immersed into an eclectic artistic world right from the start. Moving almost yearly... READ MORE

Gayle Stone

Printmaker / Mixed-media Artist / Calligraphic Artist Gayle Stone is drawn to and inspired by the beauty and diversity surrounding us in nature's forms, textur... READ MORE

Kelley Salber

Book and Assemblage Artist Kelley Salber was born in Billings, MT where her passion for texture and color and miniature things developed at an early age. She s... READ MORE

Jane Quale

Printmaker / Mixed-media artist Wabi-sabi: a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics centered on the beauty of impermanence and imperfection. "I am drawn... READ MORE