Artists T-Z

Cody Wade

Meet Mixed-Media Artist Cody Wade We chatted with Cody during his January 2019 Featured A6 Artist exhibit titled Phenomenology. Read on to learn about this n... READ MORE

Lynn Woodward

Printmaker / Designer / Photographer Lynn Woodward's degrees are in Biology and Computer Graphics, but she's been a photographer all her life. She's worked fix... READ MORE

Julie Winter

Printmaker / Teacher Julie Winter is a printmaker, educator and graduate student in Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art (2018). Julie has served... READ MORE

Abney Wallace

Printmaker / Sculptor / Assemblist Abney Wallace works primarily in linocut and woodcut, two forms of relief printing. Wallace carves away the “whites” of... READ MORE

Dillon Upp

Traditional printmaking / Mixed-media / Photography / Writing "The imagery I create comes directly from my immediate environment. I use rudimentary photography... READ MORE

Robin Thomas

Printmaker / Painter Raised in a Bohemian-style household, Thomas was fully immersed into an eclectic artistic world right from the start. Moving almost yearly... READ MORE