past exhibits

Hybrid Human Forms: Prints by Yuji Hiratsuka

A6 opens “Hybrid Human Forms,” a solo exhibit of original prints by OSU faculty member Yuji Hiratsuka, on First Friday, July 3, 2015. An award-winning contemporary printmaker, Hiratsuka blends Japanese influences and modern imagery to create colorful intaglio prints with chine collé.

6 From A6

May 1-31, 2015 This exhibit showcases works from six past and present artist members of A6. The "six" are featured in Patricia Clark's new book, Marks, avai... READ MORE

Myths & Legends

April 3-26, 2015. This biennial exhibit explores the traditional narratives explaining natural phenomena through symbolism; delves into the inspiring achievements of individuals passed down through the generations; and investigates the contemporary urban legend, a cautionary tale containing elements of mystery, humor, fear or horror.

Beautiful Math

March 6-29, 2015. A6 presents “Beautiful Math,” a solo exhibit of original prints by local artist Barbara Hudin. Hudin uses Processing code to create visual manifestations of mathematical theorems (both solved and unsolved).

The A6 Collection

Jun 5-28, 2015. A6 highlights its collection of original prints and artist books from nationally-known artists such as Francoise Gilot, Joseph Mugnaini, Rick Bartow, Gendron Jensen, and local artists including Ingrid Lustig, Patty Freeman-Martin, Ron Schultz and Nancy Dasen.