Mar 1-May 31, 2019

Art + Biology  |  Grades 3-6

Get to know our 19 local reptiles, and learn how they’ve adapted to trick, scare, or hide from predators. We bring this exhibit to your classroom, so your students can study these original woodcut prints by Bend artist Abney Wallace. This program offers students a chance to share their experiences with snakes and lizards—and learn how biological adaptations shape those interactions. We’ll also explore elements and principles of design such as line, shape, pattern, rhythm and positive/negative space. Students will create their own snake print of their favorite local species.

This program supports Oregon State Education Science Standards for grades 4 and 6 (see below).

$8/student. 90 minutes

Supported by Art on the River and High Desert Museum

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Education Standards

Grade 4
Science:  LS1.A  Structure and Function
Visual Arts: 


Grade 6
Science: MS-LS1-4 Growth and Development of Organisms
Visual Arts:
Other Grades

Our programs support Visual Arts Education Standards for all grades. Please contact us for more information.