On Display: Dec 1-31, 2017
Opening Reception: Fri, Dec 1, 5-9 pm

Beale Jones has been a long-standing member of A6 Print Studio. Beale’s confident use of color, playful aesthetic, and creative approach to monotype are evident in her latest prints, on display in the studio this December.
I have always been drawn to color and like to emphasize it in my work. Orange is perhaps one of my favorite colors, I have used it in the piece titled “Fun” to create a sense of happiness to let the child in me reveal a sense of play. I also want to evoke happiness for the viewer. The circles in this piece show that happiness comes in different sizes and amounts. It also shows that happiness is trapped by the layer of cloth. It is as though the happiness is trying to escape and be free. I rarely have a plan as I begin a piece of art, it is about shape, color and movement. What is revealed to me as the viewer after it’s completion is my personal journey to keep pulling off the layers and float freely in happiness. The circles have meaning, the shape is never ending, there is no start or stop point, they are self-contained, and they also remind me of my play with bouncing balls, marbles, and bubble gum machines.