On Display Nov 3-26, 2017

A6 Artist Member Jane Quale presents a series of monoprints drawing on her work with fiber and textiles. Quale uses tarlatan fabric, a starched cheesecloth that is a staple of printmaking studios, as an “impermanent, changeable matrix.” Quale inks, folds and prints the tarlatan again and again on a single sheet of thin Asian paper, until she achieves a full range of values and forms begin to emerge. Quale cuts or tears some of these prints and collages them onto other prints using the chine collĂ© method.

“I am drawn to rips and wrinkles and flaws that show wear or use of an object, some unique quality of a material, or that a thing has been uniquely made by human hand. This is why I appreciate the Japanese notion of Wabi Sabi, an aesthetic favoring the rustic, the asymmetrical, the impermanent.

The pieces in my Unraveling Series are printed in the spirit of Wabi Sabi, embracing imperfection and attempting to capture the texture, folds and unraveled edges of this loosely woven textile. “