Snapshots of Bend

Water permeates our community. Be it the Deschutes River, rainwater pooling downtown after a midsummer thunderstorm, the snows of winter, the water essential to our coffee and beer, or the simple glass of tap water we take to bed at night. In Bend, we are passionate about our water, and it offers a glimpse into the diverse and dynamic community we live in.

The Snapshots of Bend letterpress series is a humorous, but meditated reflection on what water and unity look like in our community, and how we care for it. As a printmaker, this series is a blending of two different worlds. The world of my commercial letterpress work with Aleefont Impressions, and my personal art prints and illustrations. It is a living series. A way to build community in the writing of letters, and sharing small pieces of handmade art in the middle of our tech-driven lives. Keep, share, and laugh.

Amanda Lee