Opening Reception: Fri, Feb 1, 5-9 pm
On Display Feb 1-24, 2019

The Chaman, the gifted, the healer. Every human being has a “tonal,” an accompanying life force, but only a few are endowed with the ability to transform themselves into their alter ego, into the Chaman or the Nahual. This tradition is deeply rooted to this day in central and southern Mexican culture.

It is the healer who knows the process of divination, healing and reparation, can cure, but they are also in charge of the collective rituals that are done in the villages to promote rain and land fertility.

She is the one who receives a gift, is the one who has a non-ordinary state of consciousness that allows her to see and know what others do not understand, she is the mediator between two parallel worlds: one earthly and another extra-human.

This body of art honors my fascination of the space where these worlds line up and communicate, where the fragile beauty of the physical world fuses with the infinite world.


About Ana

Ana Aguirre is an experimental artist who integrates printmaking and painting techniques in her artwork. She works in a variety of mediums ranging from digital art to clay sculpture. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally, including the Fachhochschule Koln in Cologne, Germany. Her work includes visual metaphors and a profound reflection on the human spirit.

“I am a visual artist who enjoys paint and printmaking. I find that the process of making art and marks on paper is a leap to the unknown that amaze me and brings me into a place to be myself and from where the outside can see me as I am.”

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