Opening Reception: Fri, June 7, 5-8 pm
On Display June 7-30, 2019

Whatever, Wherever Woodcuts

The above words refer to my subject matter. It’s serendipitous. I find interest and inspiration in all sorts of unrelated objects and places, be they landscapes, machines, the human figure, smaller areas of larger compositions, images in the concrete of sidewalks, random lines and shapes, etc.

While working on a woodcut, I’ll periodically pull proofs of the image to see what it looks like on paper. This enables me to observe new possibilities and change direction. The variety of marks and cuts in the wood and the woodgrain itself also contribute to the image.

Although my other passion is drawing, woodcut printing provides me with special mental and physical stimulation and challenges.

All my woodcuts are printed by hand.

– Susan Trewartha Papanic


About Susan

Susan Trewartha Papanic’s primary love of artistic medium is drawing, but she is also a printmaker and mixed media artist.

Susan grew up in Madison, WI where she earned her BA and MA degrees in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin. She subsequently taught art in secondary schools in various places around the U.S. for about twelve years. In graduate school she worked in intaglio and woodcut prints, and has recently returned to the woodcut medium.

The natural world is her primary source of personal comfort and artistic inspiration, offering a feeling of wonder and always a sense of mystery. Susan also has an avid interest in the art and culture of indigenous people, stemming from various travels around the world.