March 3–April 2, 2017

Featured Member Barbara Hudin exhibits new prints from her “Visions and Signs” series this March, coinciding with A6’s 3rd Biennial International Artist Books Exhibition, “Relics & Ruins.” Both exhibits will open on First Friday, March 3 with a reception from 5-8 pm.

Hudin’s prints use creative combinations of several printmaking processes as well as computer code. Part of Hudin’s process will be on display when she pulls prints during the First Friday reception.

Artist Statement

“As a painter and printmaker my subject matter may include fantasy landscapes, animals, and the human form. I am currently working on a series of prints that I call “Visions and Signs” with 3 processes and often combine them for a single print. The processes are encaustic with drypoint on plexiglass, ImagOn HD intaglio type, solar film laminated on plexi or metal plates, and “Processing” computer code imagery transferred to a plate and worked with the other techniques. All print editions are hand inked and manually run through an etching press in my studio or at A6 print studio in the Box Factory.”