Exhibit Dates: Jan 6-29, 2017

Lynn Woodward studied Biology and Computer Graphics, but she’s been a photographer all her life. She’s worked on computers, taught rock-climbing, packed mules, skinned birds, and sung songs. Lynn likes to mix-up academic, artistic, intuitive and physical work, and actually likes to get dirty.

She is following her curiosity into intaglio printmaking with photopolymer and collagraph prints— hand-inking plates and pulling the prints one at a time from a hand-cranked press. “It’s meditative and each print unique.”

Her collagraph prints are often created with a hot glue gun on a cardboard plate. “Since I don’t have refined drawing skills, I can draw with no expectations.” Woodward puts the plate through the press with wet paper to create an embossed print.

Woodward is expanding her photography with photopolymer plates. After exposing a photo image to a light-sensitive plate, Woodward applies two ink colors (one in the recesses, another on the plate surface) to create a multi-colored with one pass through the press. “My inking techniques are deliberately unrefined; I prefer the definition of edges, and my strokes on the plate bring me deeper into the memory of the moment my camera captured.”

For “Inkubation,” (above) Woodward took a single subject—ravens—and used several different printing methods, including photopolymer intaglio, photopolymer relief, and collagraph. She also included a couple of test plates and some nesting sticks.