Piano Suites

Piano Suites,  a limited boxed book, originated more than 25 years ago between two colleagues devoted to creative causes—both “in tune” and connected to the arts and education.

Patricia “Pat” Clark received a selection of poems from her colleague, musician, poet and professor at University of Wisconsin, River Falls, Robert Samarotto. As a poet, he collaborated with composers and visual artists. A performing member of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, the Minnesota Opera and the Zeitgeist Ensemble, Samarotto frequently toured Europe and the United States. He served as music director for the Guthrie Theater, recorded for Sony Classics, OO Records and New Albion Records.

Samarotto’s poems reveal his serious, humorous, and confrontive attitude regarding the piano from a musician’s viewpoint, as well as, his personal perspective. One poem in series is divulges how a clarinetist hates to hear the sound of piano.

Pat Clark captures Samarotto’s written word and created drawings to accompany his poems. Over the years, the drawings were packed from one location to another with the intent to complete the drawings in progress. Upon the death of her friend, Robert Samarotto, Clark determined to finish the vision they had in years past; it was the right moment – an acknowledgement and memorial for a friend. The work came freely, expressions of Samarotto’s poems, piano resonance and reverberations, the interior architecture of the piano all flowed into Clark’s “sound” drawings.

Piano Suites, a unique limited edition art book of sound drawings features handset typography by Ezma Hanschka of Night Owl Press, 12 poems by Robert Samarotto accompanied by 12 original hand?pulled engravings by Master Printmaker, Patricia “Pat” Clark artfully presented in a handcrafted case by book artist Rachel Fox.

Pat Clark, founder of Atelier 6000, is an established Master Printmaker and artist teacher has exhibited extensively in the Northwest and throughout the United States. Clark’s artwork is included in many private collections and soon will be on display in the Oregon Arts Commission’s Program, Art in the Governor’s Office. Considered a lifetime honor, a limited number of artists receive an invitation to exhibit in this special exhibition.

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