Our annual “St. Pat’s Day” celebration honors our founder, Pat Clark, and our supportive Friends of A6, who donate $40 or more each year to support our nonprofit.

St. Pat’s Day is Saturday, March 18!

If you would like to become a Friend of A6 and join the fun, please donate today!

We are very grateful for the support of our Friends! (Not sure if you’re a Friend? See the list of current Friends below.)



Adele Tennant

Amy Royce

Ann Catelbaum

Ann Miller

Ann & Perry Pattison

Anne Bullwinkel

Barbara Alford

Barbara Hudin

Becky Wanless

Beverly Downer

Bob Faber

Bob Haas

Brad Hester

Bruce Emerson

Cate O’Hagan

Carol Bunge

Cherilee Helfenstein

Dawn Boone

Alexis Chapman

Deb Ford

Denise Rich

Diana Tomseth

Diane Kessler

Gin Laughery

Helen Vandervort

Ingrid Lustig

Jan McBrien

Jan Moore

Jane Quale

Janice Castelbaum

Janice Druian

Janice Pierone

Janie McMahan

Jay Moregensen

Jeanette Small

Jeb Barton

Jennifer Green

Jenny Smith

Jim Brommer

Joan Heinkel

John & Heather Cashman

Judy Clinton

Judy Hoiness

Julie Winter

Karen Blankenship

Karen Ellis

Keiko Hara

Ken Streater

Kelley Salber

Kip Kauffman

Larry Huhn

Laurel Francis

Linda Kurtz

Linda Spring

Linda Shelk

Lynn Adamo

Marietta Strachan

Marlon Davidson

Marsha Stout

Mary Campbell

Mary Jane Eisenberg

Mary Wonser

Mike Kelly

Nye Bennett- Miller

Paige Schultz

Pat Clark

Pat Roberts

Patricia Freeman- Martin

Paul Alan Bennett

Paula Jacobson

Randy Redfield

Richard Cork

Ronald Schmidt

Rosemary Schmidt

Sandy Anderson

Sharon Campbell

Susan Carr

Susan Higdon

Tanmaya Stoffel

Terry Chaney

Terry Kemple

Toni Ryan