Printmaker / Mixed-media Artist / Calligraphic Artist

Gayle Stone is drawn to and inspired by the beauty and diversity surrounding us in nature’s forms, textures, colors and the interplay of light and dark. What’s even more exciting to her is seeking to find the mood, personality and spirit of her subject — encouraging others and herself to go beyond seeing and deeply observe what’s around us.

Her art is always about exploration, generally starting with a plan of action that may be altered greatly as the artwork develops and it shows her where it wants to go. We are what we’ve experienced, where and how we’ve lived, and she believes that translates into our art consciously and unconsciously. She started her creative journey with an awe for the beauty and limitless expression of the human form, and for calligraphy and line. These elements surface in her work repeatedly.

“Both making and experiencing art are powerful ways to deepen our perspective and have a richer, better life!”