New work by Anna McKee

On Display: March 2-April 1, 2018
Opening Reception: Fri, March 2, 5-9 pm
Art Talk: Sat, March 3, 5 pm

Seattle artist Anna McKee continues her exploration of ice landscapes with a series focused on Alpine glaciers near her home in the Pacific Northwest. She began sketching glaciers about ten years ago, and in that time, has noticed a distinct decline in their extent.

These portraits celebrate the beauty of these unique environments, and provide an outlet to contemplate change and the grief associated with loss. There are sequenced drawings that project into a future imagined landscape, with shrinking ice and newly formed moraines. Other drawings focus in on ice falls and crevasses within a glacier. Using both realistic renderings, and distorted abstractions, this work captures both a static point in time, as well as the dynamic nature of these changing masses of ice.

About the Artist

Living in Seattle, Anna McKee is influenced by the naturalist tradition, for its contemplative and holistic examination of the earth. Her prints, drawings and sculpture express evidence of time and meaning in the land, often at the intersections of human activity.

In 2008, McKee began the project Deep Ice, Deep Time, an exploration of glacier environments. Inspiration comes from several sources: field sketches, photographs, and scientific imaging of glaciers and ice cores. She maintains ongoing dialogs with several prominent glaciology scientists to inform this work. Living in the Puget Sound Basin, a glacially sculpted environment, has also been a potent influence.

Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington (1992) with additional study in drawing, painting and printmaking. She has received several awards, including an Artist Trust GAP grant, 4Culture Grant, and a recipient of the National Science Foundation Artist and Writers Program to travel to Antarctica. Her work has been widely exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the Northwest and nationally.