Taught by visiting artist Barbara Mason

Sat & Sun, Oct 27 & 28, 10-4 pm

This is an exciting and quick printmaking process. You can go from your image to printing in about 45 minutes, depending on the line up at the press! Students will learn how to print from UV-sensitive polymer plates using plain tap water to develop the image. Anything you can draw, Xerox or print onto clear acetate or mylar can be exposed onto Solarplates. Copies of photographs work, photocopies of almost anything on Mylar or Duralar or acetate work. You will learn how to expose the plates for relief printing or Intaglio (etching). Relief printing does not require an etching press but can be printed on your kitchen table. Etchings are printed with a press in the traditional manner with dry or damp paper. Akua Intaglio inks are new water-based inks that print well on dry or damp paper. The workshop includes eight 4×5” plates. Additional plates will be available at cost. Paper for the workshop is provided.

$210 ($168 A6 Member), $40 Supply Fee

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