Printmaker / Mixed-media Artist

“My life has been filled with outdoor recreation and explorations. This has become the inspiration for my work. I have never wanted to recreate the objects I’ve seen but try to express the impressions they have given me. The power of a burned forest, rushing water, rock formations, trees, the patterns in things like bark or rocks, contrasts of light and dark in a coming storm—these are some of what stir me to create.

The process of printing is for me endless in its possibilities and intrigue. My prints often have layers of transparent colors or transparent colors in a dance with opaque colors. This surface creates a rich play of hues, patterns and shapes that I hope a viewer finds inviting. My monotypes and mixed-media prints are often built up with layers of inks, pencil, pastel, paint, and sometimes those layers are scraped away to get to the desired effect. (Monotypes, by definition, are one-of-a-kind prints.)

Another form of printing I absolutely love doing is viscosity printing. First I make a printing plate with a variety of objects, scratching, glues, etc. Then I rub the first layer of ink deep into the recesses of the plate, much the same as making an intaglio print. Then I carefully roll layers of color over the top before printing. Such a plate can be reused many times, but I ink it differently each time to bring a whole variety of values and hues to each print. This is very exciting to me.

My exploration in creating works of art, like my time in nature, feeds my very being. When someone else sees something in my work that excites or gives them a pause, it feels like an affirmation of my efforts.”