Printmaker / Designer / Photographer

Lynn Woodward’s degrees are in Biology and Computer Graphics, but she’s been a photographer all her life. She’s worked fixing computers, designing and coding websites, teaching rock-climbing, packing mules, making sandwiches, skinning birds, singing songs… you get the picture. She likes to mix-up academic, artistic, intuitive and physical work, and actually likes to get dirty.

Her current work is primarily photography: natural-light portraits, studio product shots, and event and news coverage for local and national media.

She says, “What I most love about my work is meeting people, and that my portrait work and news assignments give me more opportunities to hear stories and expand those connections. Then, as we co-create photos, I strive to connect people to what they love about themselves.”

Her current passion in photography is intaglio printmaking from her own photos. “It reminds me of darkroom work: slow, tactile, meditative. There is something very soulful about monotone images — a classic simplicity that holds timeless emotion.”

Lynn Woodward’s websites: Woodward Creative, Lynn Woodward Photography