Printmaker / Painter

Ana is a full time visual artist and printmaker living in Bend, Oregon. She received her formal education in fine arts with honors from University of Nuevo Leon in Mexico and developed her master project in experimental art at the Fachhochschule Köln, Germany.

While living in Seattle, Washington she was part of the group of Art/Not Terminal Gallery artists and recently joined A6 in Bend.

Her artwork flows from her deep gender convictions to build living characters in paper and canvas as a visual metaphor that can go from insect-woman to doll-woman of strong feminine spirits where beauty and complexity fill their own space and release their true self through layers made of lines, time and color.

Art above: Woman, insect and doll from the inner world; strange, powerful and attractive to the outside world.

“Art is inside and is where I go to be myself and from where the outside can see me as I am.”