A6 welcomed teacher Ethan Seltzer and his art students from Redmond Proficiency Academy to the studio on April 17 for an arts education program.

RPA students are lucky to have a small press in their classroom, and had recently learned a little bit about making monotypes. For their visit to A6, Executive Director Dawn Boone shared examples of monotypes made by A6 artist members Gin Laughery and Adell Shetterly.


Boone then demonstrated an alternate way of making monotypes using a reductive method. After inking a plexi plate in solid black, Boone used a chopstick to loosely sketch an image. She then used Q-tips, rags, toothpicks and brushes to remove ink to create grays and white areas.

After a discussion on the importance of journalistic freedom and the importance of a free press, students were set loose in the studio to create monotype sketches of vintage typewriters.

Students printed their monotypes using A6’s hand-crank etching press.

These prints will be on display at A6 in May 2017 as part of a feature exhibit in honor of World Press Freedom Day.

See printing in action!

Dawn Boone will demonstrate this style of printmaking during A6’s First Friday reception on May 5 from 5-7 pm.