April 9-May 30, 2018

Full of art and science, our spring school program is all about color! 

Play with prisms, trick your eyes, and learn the science of how we see color. We’ll investigate the visible spectrum, study the influence of light on color, and look at how our perception of color changes in relation to  surrounding colors.

We’ll also look at key artists (Seurat, Lichtenstein) who play with color optics and color layering, including Sukha Worob, our April-May exhibitor. Kids can grab one of Sukha’s rollers and print the walls to create a multi-color “printstillation” in our gallery.

Our  90-minute program includes a studio segment with more hands-on color printing in the A6 Print Studio. Students will learn how to register multiple plates and use process colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) to create a range of colors in a monotype print. Plus, we’ll be using the hand-crank etching presses!

Only $8/student 

Financial assistance is available for rural and Title 1 schools.

Supported by Art on the River, Roundhouse Foundation
and Oregon Community Foundation

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Call 541.330.8759 or email us. 


Ask about our Artist in Schools program!

If distance or transportation costs make it difficult for you to visit Bend Art Center, never fear! We can bring our “Print the Walls” program to you! Discounts also available for Title 1 and rural schools.

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“The speakers are very knowledgeable about the exhibits, but more importantly, are able to engage children. The artwork the children get to do is phenomenal.  The kids talked about the field trip all year long, and included it in their favorite things of the whole school year.  I highly recommend a visit to A6!”

—Allison, 3rd Grade Teacher