For ages 9-17
Whether your child has done printmaking or not, Bend Art Center’s summer series in monotype will present a slew of creative approaches to test and explore. Easy for beginners and full of rich possibilities for more experienced artists, monotype also offers the thrill of printing with our hand-crank etching presses. Each class can be taken on its own (there are no prerequisites). Passionate artists will benefit from taking the full series as a summer intensive.
Check out our time-lapse video above, which barely scratches the surface of what kids will learn! You’ll see examples of ink manipulation, offset, and multi-plate printing.
Register through Bend Park & Rec.

Monotype I

Mon-Thu /Jun 18-21 / 9-Noon
A monotype is all about the ink, and our first class explores ink manipulation—how you lay ink down (with brushes, with brayers) and how you pull it up (with a host of repurposed “tools”). In the process, kids will learn how to create a wide variety of textures, lines and patterns. We’ll also explore ink viscosity, which allows us to create distinct layers of color on the plate.  $120

Monotype II

Mon-Thu /July 9-12 / 9-Noon
This class explores offset techniques, where ink is transferred from one surface to another surface. Once you start, it’s hard to stop! This style of working allows artists to rapidly generate suites of related prints and see their designs evolve. It also encourages a lot of “what if” experiments, which kids can try over the course of the week.  $120

Monotype III

Mon-Thu /July 23-26 / 9-Noon
This class explores embossment, which creates an added dimension to a print’s surface. Trying everything from leaves, thread, salt, fabric, and other unexpected materials, kids can create interesting printed textures and push the paper to new heights. $120

Monotype IV

Mon-Thu /Aug 6-9 / 9-Noon
This class explores multi-plate printing, which kids can explore in a free-form manner or in a very deliberate way. Kids will learn how to ink and register two or more plates to make multi-layered color prints. This technique  gets kids thinking about color separation, optical mixing, and making intentional artistic choices. $120

Monotype & Artist Books

Mon-Thu / Aug 20-23 / 9-Noon
For many artists, a monotype print is not the end, it’s the beginning. We’ll use the first two days of class to generate lots of colorful monotype prints, which we’ll use to create handmade artist books—another exciting art form. Students from previous classes can practice their favorite monotype techniques and also bring prints from earlier classes to use in book projects.  $120