An intensive crash course in color theory

Fri-Sun, June 29-July 1, 9-5 pm

This intensive workshop will fast track your understanding and use of color. Combining the best of her popular color and painting courses at CSU: Long Beach, visiting artist Marie Thibeault will guide you through a deeper understanding of color expression and application. Expand your understanding of color use and meaning in painting, with a survey of the history of painting. Looking at the most essential aspects of color, Thibeault will present inventive approaches to pictorial composition.

Explore color concepts and expression in a guided process of collage and painted studies. Gain an understanding of how color can enhance and strengthen your own creative work. Supply list.

$285 ($228 A6 Member), $20 Supply Fee


About the Instructor

Los Angeles-based painter Marie Thibeault has taught color theory and studio practice at California State University Long Beach since 1989 and is the recipient of five Scholarly and Creative Activities Grants from that institution. Her body-sized oils on canvas explore her ongoing concern with humanity’s impact on and vulnerability to violent changes in the environment. These works walk a fine line between formal abstraction and social commentary, and draw on a professional’s deep exploration of color.  She received her Master of Fine Arts from UC Berkeley, a Master of Arts from San Francisco State and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work is in the collection of the Oakland Museum and she has shown at the Torrance Art Museum, The Riverside Art Museum and the Laguna Museum of Art.