Water Tables School Program

At Bend Art Center
Oct 8 to Nov 16, 2018

In the Classroom
Oct 8, 2018 to June 7, 2019

Learn about local hydrology! Bend Art Center’s 90-minute art and science-based program starts with a tour of our fall “Water Tables” exhibit. Through the art, we’ll explore hydrology and how our local groundwater is replenished and depleted. We’ll continue to develop our understanding of water tables in the studio with a specially-designed printmaking project. Kids will use inking and rubbing techniques and a variety of mixed media to create a visual cross-section of our landscape and the water table.

Bring your students to Bend Art Center during our “Water Table” exhibit, or request this program in your classroom anytime this school year!

For grades 3-8; supports Oregon State Education Science Standards for grades 5 and 7 (see below).

$8/student; discounts for rural and Title 1 schools.

Schedule your visit today! Email artsed@bendartcenter.org


Education Standards for this Program

Grade 5
SCIENCE: ESS2.C:  The Roles of Water in Earth’s Surface Processes; ESS3.C:  Human Impacts on Earth Systems
VISUAL ARTS:  VA.1.CR1.5 (#2), VA.2.CR2.5 (#1), VA.5.PR2.5 (#1), VA.7.RE1.5 (#2), VA.8.RE2.5 (#1), VA.9.RE3.5 (#1)
Grade 7
SCIENCE: ESS2.C:  The Roles of Water in Earth’s Surface Processes; ESS3.A:  Natural Resources
VISUAL ARTS: VA.1.CR1.7 (#2, #3), VA.2.CR2.7 (#1), VA.3.CR3.7 (#2), VA.6.PR3.7 (#3), VA.7.RE1.7 (#1, #2), VA.8.RE2.7 (#1), VA.9.RE3.7 (#1), VA.10.CO1.7 (#1)
Other Grades

Our programs support Visual Arts Standards for all grades! Contact us if you would like standards information for your grade.